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Week 13 ACC Football Musings

Bud Foster makes the donuts, Miami is in the bad place, and bemusement at a Wendy's in rural Virginia. READ MORE

Week 10 ACC Football Musings

There's a rant about Hulu, talk about the Hokies, Bryce Perkins, Willie Taggart's dismissal, plus extensive discussion of NBC's "The Good Place". READ MORE

Surprising Tar Heels Keep It Going

Jeff Greenberg breaks down how the Tar Heels have gotten to this point, and how those factors will influence where they end up at the end of the season. READ MORE

North Carolina’s Turning Point?

North Carolina came up just shy of a program-changing win Saturday. Could it still serve as a program turning point? READ MORE

Week 4 ACC Football Musings

Coaching football isn’t the most challenging profession in the world, but at the highest levels it’s really hard. That’s something that often gets shortchanged in discussions about play-calling or criticisms of a football team in general. “Why don’t they just run the dang ball!?” “I can’t believe they’re passing HERE!” “Why doesn’t he put in […] READ MORE