ACC BasketballTournament: Opening Round Running Commentary From ITA Staff

Final Update 6:00 PM by Chuck Workman
  • Jalen Hudson is prone to these outbursts, or did Danny Manning not watch film of the Duke game?!!!!!
  • Freshmen for VT: 21-44, 7-15 from 3, and most importantly: 12-12 from the FT, where the Hokies just missed one (12-13).  61 of 81 Hokie points.
  • Hokies get to play Miami 3x time this year. They tip tomorrow night at 9 (or whenever the game prior ends)
  • Wake’s Codi Miller-McIntyre with a huge game constantly getting penetration. Hitting for 23 and dishing 11 dimes. But he’ll be remembering missing the tip that would have given Wake a win at the buzzer.
  • Wake even hit 13 of 17 today from the charity stripe, so the Hokies win can’t be attributed to self-flagellation by Wake
  • Category that might have made the most difference: Hokies had 10 steals to Wake’s 4, and less turnovers. Wake had the glass under control. But it was only an advantage of 4 of each (offensive and defensive).

–Chuck Workman ……check back with us tomorrow as we do this all day.

Updated 5:55 PM by Ethan Winter
The officials are at the monitor to check to see who the ball went out on and it looks like Miller-McIntyre was the last to touch it.
WOW! They keep it with Wake! Maybe some home cooking for the Deacs?
Doesn’t matter anyway as the HOKIES HANG ON and defeat the Demon Deacons 81-80!
Wake had three cracks at it but couldn’t finish and Virginia Tech wins and snaps their seven game losing streak and will take on the Miami Hurricanes tomorrow night at 9 pm EST.
We are off to a terrific start to the ACC Tournament with two fantastic games going down to the wire! Can’t wait for what the rest of the tournament has to offer!
–Ethan WInter
Updated 5:45 PM by Ethan Winter
OHHH! What a rejection by Shane Henry denying Codi Miller-McIntyre!
Jalen Hudson goes to the line on the other end hits both free throws and the Hokies are up five!
Cornelius Hudson hits a BIG three pointer makes it a two point game with 55 seconds to go from Greensboro!
We have another wire finish here folks and Jalen Hudson commits a blatantly bad foul and turns the ball over to the Deacons with 36 seconds!
WAKE FOREST TAKES THE LEAD on a three pointer from Dino Mitiguloo puts the Deacons up one 80-70 with 23.7 seconds left!
Virginia Tech will have the final shot here down one.
Jalen Hudson gives the Hokies the lead with a layup! 32 points for the freshman this afternoon 6.1 seconds left!
–Ethan Winter
Updated 5:35 by Ethan Winter
Madison Jones hits one free throw and Jalen Hudson hits both for Virginia Tech to give the Hokies a one point lead.
Back and forth we go between these two teams as Jalen Hudson hits a jumper after a Codi Miller-McIntyre mad jumper gives the Hokies a one point lead 72-71 Va. Tech on top!
A huge three pointer by Adam Smith puts the Hokies up by three as we head into the stretch run!
Codi Miller-McIntyre goes to the line to shoot two and nails them both 75-74 Virginia Tech
WOW! What a jam by the freshman Jalen Hudson! He has 28 points this afternoon and the Hokies are up by three! Timeout Wake!
–Ethan Winter
Updated 5:26 PM by Ethan Winter
Wow! You don’t see that happen often! An AND 1 on a goaltend? Free Throw made by Codi Miller-McIntyre puts the Deacons up 5
Great ball movement by Wake and Thomas gets the bucket and the foul and the Deacons trying to pull away here up five!
Hill drains the three with a hand in his face and the Hokies aren’t going away down by just two.
Hokies don’t get the roll and the ball is knocked out of bounds by Byer and its Wake Forest ball
Hudson is fouled and the Deacons are over the limit. Hudson makes both free throws and its all tied up at 68
A blocking foul is called at the under 4 timeout game tied up at 68 all!
–Ethan WInter
Updated 5:15 PM by Ethan WInter
Devin Thomas gets the bucket and the foul and ties it back up at 56 all.
Hudson drains the three for Wake Forest and puts the Deacons back up by three!
Hudson comes back again with the three and Wake Forest is up four! 62-58!
A foul is called on Mitchell Mitugloo and we head to the under eight timeout, Wake Forest up 4!
–Ethan Winter


Update 5:10 PM by Ethan Winter

Huge three by Bibb gives the lead back to the Hokies, he has scored five straight!
After the Hokies go on a 7-0 run of their own Danny Manning calls a timeout with his team down by three with 10:01 left to go in the second half.


–Ethan Winter

Update 5:07 PM by Ethan Winter

A three from Codi Miller-McIntyre ties the game up at 49 and a Cornelius Hudson layup gives Wake Forest the lead for the first time since 11:14 left in the first half when they led 19-18.
Codi Miller-McIntyre is starting to take over this game and is heating up! He has scored 10 of the Deacons last 12 points and has scored 15 points in the game.
Wake has gone on a 17-2 run to take a 53-49 lead at the under 12 media timeout!


–Ethan Winter

Update 4:58 by Ethan Winter

A layup AND 1 for Codi Miller-McIntyre makes it a 1 point game and Virginia Tech calls a time out.
The Demon Deacons have scored five straight points all from Miller-McIntyre.
Miller-McIntyre showing the most emotion from Wake Forest all game on that AND 1


–Ethan Winter


Update 4:52PM by Ethan Winter

And the second half is under way in Greensboro!
Virginia Tech leading by 10 43-33 just over one minute into the second half, Hokies controlling pace of play. Could spell trouble for the Deacs.
A BIG And 1 for Devin Thomas! Cuts the Deacons deficit down to seven!
Virginia Tech has their largest lead of the game up 11 after that transition bucket by Wilson
Hokies playing with fire right now, doing everything they can to win this game diving for lose balls. Not seeing the same from Wake Forest.
A huge three by Hudson cuts the deficit for Wake down to six at the under 16 timeout. Virginia Tech leads 47-41
— Ethan Winter

Update 4:27PM by Ethan WInter

Virginia Tech is playing terrific defense during this run.
Huge three by Hill fir Virginia Tech and at Halftime the Hokies are up 10, 41-31. Hokies are shooting 4-10 from three point land and Wake Forest just shooting 3-13 from deep.
Jalen Hudson leads all scorers for Virginia Tech with 14 points and Devin Thomas leading the Demon Deacons scoring with 11.
Stay Tuned for what should be an exciting second half from Greensboro!


–Ethan Winter

Update 4:16 by Ethan Winter

Great second effort by Devin Thomas there to get the put back in to tie the game up at 27.
The two worst free-throw shooting teams in the ACC going at it! Knowing basketball this game is going to probably come down to which team misses the least amount of free throws.
Shane Henry puts the Hokies back up with a put back lay-up and we head to the under 4 timeout with Virginia Tech leading 30-29.
–Ethan Winter

Update 4:08 by Ethan Winter

Great find by Devin Thomas to find Roundtree cutting to the basket for the easy slam!
After that tie up we head to the under 8 timeout with this game all tied up at 23!


–Ethan Winter

Update 4:01 by Ethan Winter

A flurry of buckets as both teams trading three pointers right now!
Hudson drains his 14th three of the season and the Hokies take their first lead of the game!
The three ball is working for Virginia Tech! They have the lead 21-19 at the under 12 timeout.
-Ethan Winter


Update 3:49 PM by Ethan Winter

Game 2 is underway between Virginia Tech and Wake Forest!
Should be pretty big “Pro Wake” crowd today at the Greensboro Coliseum, just 30 minutes east of Winston-Salem.
What a block by Aaron Roundtree has the Deacons running and Devin Thomas is fouled to shoot two.
If the Hokies are going to win this game they are going to have to connect from three. Shooting an ACC best 39 percent from three point land in ACC play and 18th in the country overall.
Great ball movement by Virginia Tech forces a foul by Wake Forest but Adam Smith cant hit the three for the Hokies off the inbound
At the under 16 timeout, the Demon Deacons lead the Hokies 10-6 with 14:49 remaining in the first half.
– Ethan Winter


Update 3:19PM by Ethan Winter

Wow! What an ending! What a finish! Just the epitome of the Yellow Jackets season this year. This is the fourth loss this season in ACC for Georgia Tech by 1 point and 16th loss overall this season by eight points or less. Just a brutal season for Georgia Tech and the microcosm of their season.
On the BC side of things what a great show of perseverance and resiliency! Down 6 with 1:19 left to play did not look good for the Eagles but a 9-2 run to close out the game helped the Eagles pull out the victory! Once again Olivier Hanlan coming up BIG in the clutch hitting a clutch layup with 10 seconds remaining. Hanlan finished with 25 points and eight rebounds on 8-19 shooting.
The Eagles survive and will face the North Carolina Tar Heels on Thursday. Next up! Game number two on the day Virginia Tech and Wake Forest! Stay Tuned!
–Ethan Winter

Update 3:10PM

  • Hanlan hits a huge jumper with 10 seconds to play to put BC back in front. How many lead changes is that? I lost track.
  • BC WINS!!! Beeeeee Ceeeeee Wins! 66-65 behind a complete performance by Olivier Hanlan who had a line of 25/8/5.
  • Strong take by Heyward, but missed the layup with 2 seconds to play. Ball knocked out of bounds where the horn blows. Refs review, and no extra time put back on the clock for GT.
  • BC plays UNC tomorrow afternoon at 2:30.

–Chuck Workman

Update 3:06 PM

  • Hanlan has a bunch of FTs but no made FGs since 16:19 in 2nd.
  • Sampson hits a big 3 as Jackets push in front 63-57.
  • Important possession for BC leads to two Hanlan FTs. He converts.
  • Heckmann adds two more. BC trailing 63-62.
  • Hanlan blows past three Jackets defenders on the breakout. Nice outlet pass. BC up by 64-63.
  • This will be at least the fourth time I’ve seen GT blow a 5+ pt lead with under two minutes this season. Twice in the first game @ND.
  • TO GT after Tadric Jackson hits a quick jumper the other way. 26.8 ticks left. Both teams still in the bonus.

–Chuck Workman

Update 2:59PM by Ethan Winter

Hanlan really needs to take over now for the Eagles down the stretch.
Jackson with a big 7 footer and Batten called for a questionable offensive foul. Killer for the Eagles


–Ethan Winter

Update 2:53PM by Ethan Winter

Georgia Tech is dominating Points in the Paint (36-18) to no one’s surprise based off of the rebounding battle but the three ball is keeping the Eagles in the game (7-18) while Georgia Tech is just 1-12 from downtown.
Great point by Shane Battier about Georgia Tech taking three point shots nursing a three (now two after Heckmann went 1-2 from the line). Georgia Tech needs to keep feeding the ball down low. They have the size advantage, continue to exploit it.
–Ethan Winter

Update 2:50PM

  • GT’s Stephens liking his 3 too much today. An appalling 0-of-9.
  • GT allowing Hanlan more room for sure in the 2nd half, and as a result, Batten/Heckmann/Brown all not contributing like they were in the first half. It appears tactical, Gregory not committing the extra man to shadow him as much.
  • Might need to review that. Mitchell grabbed an offensive rebound and let it go simultaneously with the shot clock (ball didn’t catch rim). But they don’t. Play continues.
  • 5 and change remains, and still no player over 3 fouls (Batten, BC).
  • Charles Mitchell with a double-double (his 7th) and D Cox and Sampson also within shouting distance.
  • Both Cox and Mitchell had offensive rebounds on that possession before kicking out to Tadric Jackson for his 2nd three of the game. He needs to hire me as a good luck talisman, I’ve seen all 16 of his threes this season (and all 75 of the misses).
  • Heckmann answers with a huge three. 57-55 GT at the Under 4 TO.

–Chuck Workman

Update 2:45PM

  • Hanlan made two FTs to tie the game at 51, misses a hero ball J with the shot clock winding down.
  • And DeMarco Cox does his best Charles Mitchell impression off of a nice feed by Sampson and converts a three point play. Quick TO grabbed by BC’s Christian.
  • Under 8 TO: 54-51 GT.

–Chuck Workman

Update 2:35PM

The Eagles still need to do a better job boxing out and they have done that a little bit closing the rebounding gap 33-21 GT. Still getting killed on the offensive boards 14-4.
That Batten three that gave the Eagles a three point lead was the 13th lead change of the game. Great back and forth basketball this afternoon. Neither team able to get on much of a run.
–Ethan Winter


Update 2:30PM

  • Heyward with a beautiful reverse lay-up as the Yellow Jackets reclaim the lead. 46-44.
  • Hanlan aggressive with 2 FTs to tie again.
  • These guys are talking about getting Hanlan a rest? That guy probably would have averaged 40+ per game with OTs if BC had been more competitive.
  • Batten rattles in a three as the lead changes again. 49-46.
  • Mitchell looking like Shaq against Heckmann when he pins him down. Baby hook with confidence. And that leads immediately to the irrational C as Mitchell tries a turnaround from the left, fading away. Promptly hits the side of the backboard. Wisconsin’s Bo Ryan would have called a TO, and yanked him publicly for that.
  • At the under 12 TO, Tadric Jackson goes to the line with the opportunity to get GT the lead back. Seesaw game at 49-48 GT.

–Chuck Workman

Update 2:20PM

  • Big collision between Heyward and Batten there. Looks like both will live.
  • I do believe I just said Hanlan would come out mad? He’s 3-of-5 now in the 2nd half as we hit the under 16 min TO with BC up 44-42.
  • So far Sampson has four points.

–Chuck Workman

Updated by Ethan Winter 2:15

Boston College is pretty fortunate to still be ahead at halftime, but still can’t be happy with their rebounding effort (23-12 GT and 12-2 offensive rebounding edge for the Yellow Jackets)
If you are Boston College though, you have to be encouraged that Olivier Hanlan is starting to heat up. (9 points on 3-7 shooting at the half)
Also have to be pleased that Patrick Heckman is getting involved as well (team leading 12 points at the half).
If BC is able to shore up their rebounding in the second half they could start to run away in this one in the second half.
–Ethan Winter

Updated 1:57PM Halftime

  • Finally the battle we wanted! Hanlan with BC’s last four points, and D Cox and C Mitchell with nice buckets on the block for GT. Eighth lead change, BC 35-34.
  • And Hanlan probably got fouled on that last layup attempt, but going one on four again, BC comes up empty. Score remains 35-34 at the half.
  • Watching these teams all year you get a feel for their DNA. And neither has deviated much, beyond BC finding a way to spread the rock around a bit.
  • Contrast in efficiency: GT 14 of 31, 1-7 from 3….BC 13 of 24, 5-10 from 3.
  • No real foul trouble as BC’s Batten and GT’s Sampson each rung up for two, nobody else with more than one.
  • GT dominating glass with 23. Perhaps if they didn’t crash the offensive glass so hard, they’d be better in transition D, then they could clamp down and make up some of those boards on the defensive end. Right now distribution is 12 on O, 11 on D. I’m sure Coach Gregory would trade some O Boards and a couple putbacks for better defensive efficiency.
  • Look for Hanlan to take over some in the second half, he went into the locker room pretty ticked off.

–Chuck Workman

Updated 1:47PM

  • C Heyward of GT is doing a nice job shadowing Hanlan. He only has four FG attempts so far.
  • And just like that he answers his frustrating offensive foul with an NBA-range three from the left wing.
  • Eight of GT’s 13 rebounds on the offensive glass now. They thrive on GT’s perimeter inaccuracy. BC all spread out and GT winning all the battles.
  • Heckmann picking up slack for BC with 12 of their 31 points so far.
  • Bucket by Clifford welcome, his second of the game, puts BC back in front for the first time in several minutes.
  • BC needs to keep Mitchell from getting position in deep. It’s too easy to put Clifford on his back. Clifford responding appropriately by attacking GT on the offensive end. He’s on his way to a double-digit scoring game, maybe even a double-double. Has 7 and 4 with five minutes to play in the first half, after the free throws.
  • GT snuffing out BC drives as Aaron Brown keeps having fits of irrational confidence taking it 1 on 3 for at least the third time today.
  • BC leads 31-30, as the lead changes yet again. We are at the under 4 TO.

–Chuck Workman

Updated 1:36PM

  • Big C Mitch makes it 10 points in the paint out of GT’s 16 on a Mitchell putback. As I alluded to earlier, GT’s strength is those big men keeping BC off the defensive glass, and getting easy putbacks.
  • Antonelli said Coach Gregory wanted 20 PitP and they are halfway there.
  • Another big bucket inside one-on-one from the MD transfer Mitchell, BC’s Coach Christian gets a quick 20 second TO, and BC converts.
  • GT missing Marques Georges Hunt today. He was the Jackets lone “threat” from the arc. And that’s being generous. Sorry for the omission earlier in my hasty pregame.
  • 12 second chance points to 0 in favor of the Jackets.
  • Cox with a silly illegal screen 3 pt line extended. Need him on the floor to maintain this advantage. He or Mitchell must remain in the game at all times to control the glass and keep BC outside.
  • GT has stormed back with a 17-6 run to take a 23-19 lead at the under-8.

–Chuck Workman

Updated 1:25PM

  • GT’s Jackson now 15-of-86 from three on the year. I think I’ve seen 9 or 10 of them.
  • Questionable blocking call on Jackson, fouls now at one apiece. Once again, admiring the ACC refs for their ability to lay off the whistle (unlike their B1G counterparts). Games have more flow.
  • GT shadowing Hanlan any time he crosses the 3 point line with the interior big man of GT showing a potential double to discourage the BC star. Unlike earlier this year, particularly when they lost nine in a row, he’s been able to find help from his teammates outside of Aaron Brown.
  • Just one bench player has entered for BC so far. Interesting to see how this game works with GT likely having double the bench minutes at it’s conclusion.
  • GT has a longer squad on the floor with Sampson and Stephens out there, causing BC some issues on the offensive end, as they cut the lead to 15-13 at the 2nd TV TO.

–Chuck Workman

Updated 1:17PM

  • Sampson and Cox nice interior passing leads to two quick GT buckets after BC started 7-0
  • GT sloppy with the ball. BC isn’t much better.  Just three TOs combined, but passes have been deflected.
  • BC knocked down first three three-point shots. Clifford hits ONLY his 5th of the year, as the Eagles entire team is on a heat check.
  • Greensboro court is much more subdued than usual. No turquoises, teals, or fuchsias.
  • Thankfully Debbie Antonelli is not on the call this week, and relegated to the sideline reporter duties.
  • 13-6 BC at first TV TO.

–Chuck Workman

1:00 PM

  • BC comes in having won three in row, and three of their four wins came against teams playing today (GT, VT, Wake).
  • Olivier Hanlan has been incredible for BC this year scoring in double-figures in all but one game, and has scored at least 17 in 19 of BC’s 30 games this year.
  • The key for BC will be to keep GT’s DeMarco Cox and Charles Mitchell from pounding the boards for putbacks; and keep GT’s poor shooting team along the arc. I’d expect to see a couple heavy doses of zone out of BC today, particularly if it’s effective.
  • For GT, they’ve had a rough go of it lately, winning just one of their last seven, and having an oddly clustered schedule, that saw them play UNC and Clemson for four of the final six games. Due to the beatings that UNC applied, they are suffering a crisis of confidence.
  • An exit today might mean a new coach in Atlanta next year, for the Jackets season is done with their next loss.
  • GT, however, does have the ACC/B1G challenge to look forward to next season, thanks to the gracious cooperation of Buzz Williams and VT. Needing just one more win to tie GT at three ACC wins and avoid being left out, the Hokies never won again after beating the Jackets at home a month ago.
  • The Hokies will now have earned the ignominy three years in succession, only having been allowed to play last year due to a rule that states no team can be left out two years running despite finishing last. One would think a PR-conscious Buzz Williams would’ve been more sensitive to that, and figured out a way to get a couple more wins, but I’ve beaten that dead horse too many times this year. Put it this way, the Hokies left 4-5 wins on the table, particularly against.
  • Which Hokie team will show up? From Saturday:

  • Wake meanwhile bombed in their finale up in Chestnut Hill last Saturday (losing by 18), allowing BC to continue their momentum. Either way they were going to play VT.
  • The basement of the ACC was well-defined by these four teams this season as 11 of the 15 teams won at least eight games.

Alright well, it’s game-time! We’ll be back throughout the game with multiple ITA voices chiming in on the action! Follow me on Twitter @insidetheacc.

–Chuck Workman  


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