ACC unveils “new brand”


Today, the ACC unveiled a new logo that they say “will lead the conference into a new era.”

It’s hard not to be snarky. Logos are capable of leadership? Who knew?

Perhaps our favorite part of the rollout is the dramatic video that introduces the new logo, surrounded by smaller, supposedly-fawning, logos of the conference’s member schools. Whoever produced the video went for a Game of Thrones-like musical score, and barely missed the mark. Nice try, however.

Help out the ACC’s ad revenue — remember, a portion goes to your school — by clicking PLAY on the video below.

Here’s the ACC’s press release, and of particular note is an accompanying ACC Brand Book in PDF form, which has a very interesting page 9:


Looking at the “From” column, we find the juxtaposition of “Basketball’s Greatest Rivalries” and “An Average Football Conference” shockingly honest. That kinda stings. Own it, ACC!

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