Media Pick Florida State to Win the ACC

The ACC media have picked Florida State to defeat Virginia Tech for the ACC Championship during the 2012 season.  The media also selected their Preseason Player of the Year, and Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins was at the top of the charts.

This marks the fourth season in a row that the ACC Media have predicted a Florida State-Virginia Tech matchup in the ACC Championship Game.  So far they have been correct just once, when the Hokies defeated the Seminoles in Charlotte at the end of the 2010 season.

Here’s how the voting in the Atlantic Division looks, with first place votes in parentheses…

1: Florida State (72) 543
2: Clemson (17) 470
3: NC State (5) 402
4: Wake Forest 241
5: Boston College 181
6: Maryland 148

The Atlantic Division is expected to be a three-team race between Florida state, Clemson and NC State, with a significant drop-off between those three teams and the three teams at the bottom.

The Coastal Division looks like this…

1: Virginia Tech (83) 558
2: Georgia Tech (10) 421
3: North Carolina (2) 341
4: Virginia 326
5: Miami 245
6: Duke 104

The media expects the Coastal Division to be a Battle of the Techs, which it seems to be each and every year.  However, most expect the Atlantic Division to triumph over the Coastal Division in Charlotte.

1: Florida State, 60
2: Virginia Tech, 18
3: Clemson, 13
4: Georgia Tech, 3
5: NC State, 1

Only 21 of the 95 voters picked a Coastal Division team to win the ACC Championship.

Sammy Watkins was a close pick over Logan Thomas to win the ACC Player of the Year honors.

1: Sammy Watkins, Clemson WR, 25
2: Logan Thomas, VT QB, 21
3: E.J. Manuel, FSU QB, 19
4: Tajh Boyd, Clemson QB, 18
5: Mike Glennon, NC State QB, 5
6: David Amerson, NC State CB, 3
7: Giovani Bernard, UNC RB, 1
7: Bryn Renner, UNC QB, 1
7: Tanner Price, Wake QB, 1
7: Kyle Fuller, VT CB, 1

Quarterback is a position of strength in the ACC this year, with six signal callers receiving votes.

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  1. The media here in Charlotte talks about every “great” QB in the ACC (Renner, Glennon, Boyd, etc.), but not VT’s Thomas. It’s funny that the ACC media picks him as the best QB in the league.

  2. I think this stat is right I did not research but interesting that 6 of the 10 players voted for ACC player of the year are from the state of Virginia. If Phillip Sims started at UVA I am pretty sure he would be on that list so lets assume he is the sleeper #11 that makes 7 out of 11. Just interesting.

  3. The ACC wants Half-A**-U to win the ACC so badly, it’ll whistle all the way past the graveyard. If there is any doubt that HAU is and always will be the football darling of the ACC, this vote is proof positive. How dare those upstart Hokies win four of seven ACC Championships–including one over HAU.

    That’s okay. VT has played the underdog role for 50 years. We got the routine down pretty good by now. I wonder if Tech could ever win without a chip on its shoulder.

    1. That is because FSU is back, just like every other year. But I am confused is Miami back this year or not. Miami is not getting the love this year, maybe we finally have a year when they are not back, they must be a year away from being back. The FL schools get the love while VT does all the work, but I’m ok with that. its not where the media picks you its how you perform and where you stand at the end of the year. We have outperformed the FL schools since joining the ACC, so I’m good. Interestingly FSU makes a good case this year, I’m almost ready to believe they really are back. On paper it should be a close race between VT and FSU.

  4. UNC and 7 wins do not belong in the same sentence., IMHO. Fedora walked into a booby trap and hasn’t realized it yet. Not scared. Prediction: VT 41, UNC 16

    1. Also, Sammy Watkins ACC POY lol???? Has the NCAA spoken yet? Few things here. First, why on XXX’s Green Earth did Sammy not declare last year? Honestly. Is there something we don’t know? Also, FSU for the Atlantic?? We should only be so fortunate.

    1. Of course Sammy will be playing. He didn’t do anything wrong….remember. Clemson is the epitome of…….oops, not gonna say it here, lol.

  5. Clemson will be much better under Vernables — they’ve got my vote to lock up the Atlantic. FSU in second place.

    For the Coastal — hard to say. Us or UNC, with git making a strong push.

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