Our 1,500th Post is Chock-Full Full of Goodness

We honor this occasion with explosions and silliness. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Covering the ACC has become a legitimate passion of mine. There are so many storylines, unusual characters, hilarious Twitter follows and plenty of great games. Frankly, there are so many it’s easy to get lost in the craziness.

This post is a celebration of several years of building something on the Internet. Such endeavors can be a lot of fun, but not without frustrations.


The conference continues to change and grow while maintaining ties to its roots. The ACC basketball tournament continues to break new ground in places like Brooklyn, but it will still return home to Greensboro every few seasons.

Charlotte sits in the heart of the expansive conference’s territory and it will also host the tournament, plus it will continue to host the football championship game for the foreseeable future.

The ACC Network is finally shifting from a mis-mash of local affiliate channels and bad streaming services to, well, the same thing but hopefully at least slightly more coherent and maybe even a better overall product. The WatchESPN app has given plenty of people headaches over the last few years and it’s a crucial part of the future of broadcasting.

Every school is busy implementing millions of dollars in upgrades to on-campus facilities to make studio shows on the network a reality. One thing is certain, the money from TV will bea major boon to every school.

The teams are winning national titles on every field of play including football, where the perception of the ACC has changed considerably in the last decade. Now, people consider it one of the best.

The ACC Network will launch in 2019.

With all of this progress, we will continue to strive to provide quality coverage with some unique flavor. It’s difficult to cut through all of the noise when it comes to most anything these days. Sports blogging is without question one of the most cluttered spaces.

We can’t cover everything, but we’ll make the effort to shine a light on things we find interesting. That will keep happening through our social media feeds and of course this sterling SportsWar home of ours.

This is a fun conference to write about and a blast to watch routinely. Thanks for reading, sharing, and interacting from time to time on Twitter, even when it’s only to yell at us about something.

We appreciate everything and hopefully we’re going to keep pushing forward as the level of play continues to rise in all sports around the ACC.

Now let’s run down some of the best moments of the last couple of years. We present a curated list of key highlights and choice memes from the last handful of years.


There was plenty of great action on the various fields and courts of play as well, including some national championship moments.

From crying Jordan to the turnover chain and general mascot mayhem, it’s hard to settle on a favorite goofy moment. It’s not easy to pick a best moment of game time either, but it’s fun to reminisce a bit about what’s gone on this website so far.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more great ACC happenings, both important and otherwise. Look for more content of all varieties and feel free to shout.


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