Duke Potentially Violated Title IX Code With (Non) Treatment Of Sualimon

This happened on February 1, 2014, after two separate alleged sexual assault incidents. Though Duke lost by 2 that day, rumors were abound by then that Rasheed Sualimon had committed sexual assault against two females in separate incidents.

Please ladies no more keeping quiet, there are plenty of us men out here to help get your voices heard, regardless of Ws and Ls.  Please, Universities, can we foster better environments than this?  Can we begin to do better? Penn State just served two years for being too football-important (at least per the NCAA statement).

Per Deadspin:

The fear of backlash from the Duke fan base was a factor in the female students’ decision not to pursue the allegations, sources close to the women said.

Here is where I first saw it:

Krzyzewski refused to comment on the report and its allegations multiple times during an ACC conference call on Monday.

“Yeah, I don’t have any comment about that,” he said in one instance. “Thanks for asking, though.”

Yeah, probably the wrong response Teflon K.

In this Deadspin article I linked below, it indicates that two separate instances by dismissed guard Rasheed Sualimon were ignored by administrators after word had trickled down through several “Common Ground” retreats where-in victims can voice their issues in a supportive surrounding.


Dukes’ dismissal of RS, was  released because he “repeatedly struggled to meet the necessary obligations” of the rigorous Duke program. Apparently that also included other more sordid information that Duke investigators should have followed up on much sooner. The fact they ejected him from the program, and allowed him to play all this time, and hit buzzer-beaters at home vs Syracuse just indicate that priorities are out of whack.

With the problems running rampant on campus these days, with the issues with the Princeton and Dartmouth frat houses, down to Rugby Road in UVA (where they still sing the rapey song), and probably some at every institution, I am weary. Any father with a precious daughter to send away in the next few years is becoming religious quick.

I am speaking purely out of my rear end here, but for some reason I am starting to believe that there isn’t much difference in the ratios that the lower-income/education class of this country demonstrate vs the privileged portion of society. Though the fact that neither of these girls went all the way with their charges is not at issue at all. The Universities need to be frontrunners in this insidious issue and put more stock in the safety of their campuses than figuring out how to spend another 100K on a player who is clearly there only to ball, bruh.

Just this week Louisville lost Chris Jones to a host of injurious acts, and then in response he assaulted two girls that weren’t even tangentially related to the girl he stalked on the phone the week prior, we call this a spree in most situations. These are each only one man on each team, so to castigate the whole group is a bit unfair, but again that’s only one of 15 players on the team. That’s too high a percentage who are feeling the permissiveness their roles allow. Too many kids getting the wrong message about their own place in the pecking order.

Duke, I was with your folks during the crazed Lacrosse story. But even they put themselves in position to fail, so ultimately the stigma that remained from that was deserved in spite of Mike Nifong’s attempt at winning the presidency (rolling eyes) on the back of that case. But this here with Coach K, ignoring one player for far too long is a different kind of stink that the hallowed Coach doesn’t need in a year where he achieved 1,000 wins.

VT, where I went, had a bad incident a few years back, and a lot of schools go through this, and this is why there are provisions in Title IX for such instances. I keep wondering why when we live vicariously through these players as young men, assuming that the the women that come along with the fame is a grand part of the scheme. But then these same young men we put on a pedestal turn around and show you the darker side of things. And it took Duke administrators almost a full calendar year (March 14, 2014 to January 29, 2015) to find a way to rid their program of him, and still are attempting to afford him protection against these allegations.

If what is being written at SI and Deadspin is true, there is simply one word that will suffice.


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