VT Beat: Recruiting Recap, Basketball Woes

Hello and welcome back to the VT Beat! There has been lots of news coming out of Blacksburg in the past few weeks and I will be touching on most of it. I will primarily be focusing on the football team this week since there isn’t much good going on with the men’s basketball team right now (outside of Erick Green of course). Let’s go ahead and dig in.

Morgan Announced as “Man of the Year”
Former Hokie, Josh Morgan was recently announced as man of the year by his current NFL team – The Washington Redskins. The honor is typically given to a player that is being recognized for charity work off the field combined with stellar performance on the field. Morgan is a DC Native and has taken part in the Beacon House charity, designed for underprivileged DC children. Here is a link for the organization in case you would like to learn more. Morgan was one of the most consistent Redskin receivers in 2012, tallying 48 catches, 510 yards and two touchdowns.

Basketball Woes
“Woes” is putting it lightly. With the 90-86 loss to NC State last weekend, the Hokies have now dropped eight straight games. The only reason they are competitive in the games is stand out guard Erick Green. Unfortunately he will be gone next year, so who knows what will happen at that point? It will take years of solid recruiting to recover from the Greenberg firing. The Hokies then suffered a blowout loss to Duke, 88-56.

VT Football Recruiting
Much of the talk over the past two weeks has been the recruiting class that recently signed with VT. Below is a comprehensive list of the 2013 recruiting class courtesy of Hokiesports.com

Name Position Height Weight High School Hometown
Braxton Pfaff Offensive Lineman 6′ 4″ 285 Liberty Christian Academy Lynchburg, Va.
Wyatt Teller Defensive End 6′ 5″ 250 Liberty Bealeton, Va.
Jamieon Moss Linebacker 6′ 2″ 210 Northeastern Elizabeth City, N.C.
Kyle Chung Offensive Lineman 6′ 4″ 280 Ponte Vedra Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.
David Prince Athlete 6′ 0″ 185 Patrick Henry Roanoke, Va.
Cequan Jefferson Cornerback 5′ 9″ 175 Henrico Richmond, Va.
Deon Newsome Athlete 6′ 0″ 180 Hampton Hampton, Va.
Andrew Motuapuaka Linebacker 6′ 0″ 225 Salem Virginia Beach, Va.
Kendall Fuller Cornerback 5′ 11″ 180 Our Lady Of Good Counsel Baltimore, Md.
Charles Clark Free Safety 6′ 0″ 180 King’s Fork Suffolk, Va.
D.J. Reid Tailback 6′ 0″ 205 Thomas Dale Chester, Va.
Bucky Hodges Quarterback 6′ 5″ 230 Salem Virginia Beach, Va.
Holland Fisher Free Safety 6′ 2″ 200 Manchester Richmond, Va.
Anthony Shegog Free Safety 6′ 2″ 200 North Stafford Stafford, Va.
Brandon Facyson Defensive Back 6′ 2″ 173 Northgate Newnan, Ga.
Jonathan McLaughlin Offensive Lineman 6′ 4″ 310 Fork Union Mauldin, S.C.
Parker Osterloh Offensive Lineman 6′ 8″ 301 Warhill Williamsburg, Va.
Carlis Parker Quarterback 6′ 3″ 180 Statesville Statesville, N.C.

Now the highlight players of the recruiting class are as follows:
1.)Kendall Fuller – Standout defensive back and the youngest of four brothers that will have all played football for Tech. Some say he could be the best of the four, but he will need to prove that on the field.
2.) Bucky Hodges –  The Future. He will likely be the next Hokie quarterback when Logan Thomas leaves. Hodges is a dual threat style, which will be something we are used to seeing in Blacksburg. I’m glad that Thomas is coming back since we have to face Alabama in the first game. However, if Thomas struggles like he did last year, expect rumbling from the crowd wanting to see Hodges.
3.)Holland Fisher – This kid looks like a beast. The future of the secondary looks to be great. Fisher is a physical safety with the size and strength to make open field tackles and he also has the speed to stay over the top in coverage situations. I don’t like to compare players, but he certainly reminds of Cam Chancellor in his early years. I am very excited to see this young man develop.

Hokie Football 2013: So what should we expect to see out of our offense in 2013? Well, it’s a great question that anyone can guess at to this point. Loeffler has gone on record with Beamer stating that he wants to bring the physical brand of offense back to Blacksburg. Well that’s great and all, but physical offense only works if the defense is physical and slowing down the opponent’s offense too. In the six losses of the 2012 season the Hokies defense allowed an average of 34 points per game. That’s simply too much. And if we are going back to power football on offense, that will not fix our issues. Now I am aware of how awful the offense was and that we had some shuffles in the secondary and linebackers that were primary causes of the defense allowing so many points. But at the end of the day we need to be balanced on both sides of the ball with the ability to explode on offense and make game changing plays on special teams. The first step of this process is solidifying the offensive and defensive lines. If we want to get back to the 2004-2007 style of play then we need to dominate the line of scrimmage. We didn’t have spectacular offenses those years, but we damn sure had some spectacular defenses and some very good running backs too. If that’s the style of play Loeffler is hoping to bring then that is great. I know that’s what Beamer and most Hokie fans are hoping for.

Alabama Robbery – Good news coming out of Tuscaloosa: apparently four players committed an assault and robbery and are facing multiple charges. The four players are indefinitely suspended from the team and three of them aren’t allowed on campus either. Unfortunately this likely won’t affect the starting lineup for the Alabama/VT game in September, but the more distractions they have the better.

Football sidenote – The dates of the conference games have yet to be announced. Typically this announcement is made in January or February, although it seems to be later each year now. With conference realignment and expansion going on, I’m sure the process has been delayed further. I would expect an update within the next 30 days.

Until next time… Have Fun. Be Safe. Go Hokies!

Don Deibler is a college football enthusiast and Virginia Tech alumnus who has had a passion for college sports since he was a young child. Outside of the ACC, he follows Notre Dame and South Carolina intently. He currently lives in Frederick, Maryland where he works in the mortgage banking industry and is in training for Air Traffic Control. 

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