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We’re pleased to introduce a new format on, a format that’s much friendlier to tablets and smart phones.

If you’ve been reading ITA, the new version won’t look a whole lot different to you.  It retains many of the same design elements as the old architecture. But how it functions is very different.

Home Page Changes

On the home page, we have broken out the daily Newslink and ITA blogs on their own tabs, so you can see the latest entries in both categories. We have also highlighted our video offerings with their own widget.

The home page slideshow of articles and tabbed content displays have been removed, in favor of a main featured article at the top, and an “article stack” below that. In all, the home page displays our last 14 articles, and older archives are easily available via menu selections.  Test them out.

Responsive Web Design

Why did we do this? Simple: to make the site more mobile-friendly. We have implemented a new technology called “Responsive Web Design” (RWD), which enables the new ITA to reformat itself to display properly on whatever device you’re using: laptop/desktop, tablet, or smart phone. Try it out from any platform, and you’ll have a good, clean viewing experience.

New Disqus Commenting System

When you’re reading an article, we have replaced the WordPress commenting system with the Disqus commenting system. If you already have a Disqus registration/account, you know how it works, and you’ll be able to start commenting on articles right away with your Disqus account.

If you don’t know what Disqus is, here’s how it works: the first time you comment on one of our articles, it will register you with, and you’ll be able to easily comment on our articles from that point on. Not only that, but you’ll be able to comment on any site that also uses the Disqus system, from a single Disqus account. Disqus makes it easy to comment on sites all around the web — as long as they use the Disqus system — without requiring you to register at each site where you want to get involved.

If you want to know more, just visit, or just try it out. It’s super-simple.

Where are the Forums?

What about the forums? We have exciting news where the forums are concerned … but for now, you’ll have to wait. We currently have no forums, but they’ll be returning soon, and they’ll hit the ground running.

Enjoy the site, and if you have any issues or questions, just ask them below in the comment field, or email Managing Editor Zach Evans at [email protected].

— The InsideTheACC Team

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