Around the ACC: A closer look at the 2013 schedule

The ACC released 2013 opponents for its conference teams Friday, with dates for these games expected in early February.  Each team will play eight conference games, four home and four away.  For 2013, six will come against divisional opponents, one against a primary opponent from the opposite division (with the Atlantic Division team hosting), and one other game against the opposing division against a rotating opponent (with the Coast Division team hosting). Here’s a look at each team’s draw for 2013.

Boston College
Home – Florida State, NC State, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech
Away – Clemson, Maryland, Syracuse, North Carolina

Boston College get to host both Florida State and Virginia Tech.  The Eagles will also travel to Syracuse, renewing an annual rivalry from 1971 (before the founding of the Big East) to BC’s departure in 2004.

Home – Boston College, Florida State, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech
Away – Maryland, NC State, Syracuse, Virginia

The Tigers get a break in hosting Florida State in 2013 and dodging Virginia Tech and Miami.  However, they will also be the toughest conference game on Syracuse’s home slate, which means they can expect lots of pleasantries when they visit the Carrier Dome.

Florida State
Home – Maryland, NC State, Syracuse, Miami
Away – Boston College, Clemson, Wake Forest, Pittsburgh

The defending ACC champions will play neither the team they defeated in Charlotte (Georgia Tech) nor their traditional foe for ACC supremacy in Virginia Tech.  That said, they will have to pay a visit to Death Valley.

Home – Boston College, Clemson, Syracuse, Virginia
Away – Florida State, NC State, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech

Want to know what the ACC thinks of Maryland’s departure? With the seven-team divisions, there are only two cross-division games on each member’s schedule, one home and one away.  Maryland’s Coastal Division road trip? Virginia Tech.  Oh, and they get to travel to Tallahassee.

NC State
Home – Clemson, Maryland, Syracuse, North Carolina
Away – Boston College, Florida State, Wake Forest, Duke

Fans on Tobacco Road will be happy to see that the only pairing left out for the four teams in North Carolina is UNC-Wake Forest.  NC State will visit Tallahassee after upsetting the Seminoles at Carter-Finley Stadium in 2012.

Home – Boston College, Clemson, Wake Forest, Pittsburgh
Away – Florida State, Maryland, NC State, Georgia Tech

Syracuse will host their fellow Big East boltee, Pittsburgh, in 2013.  While the Orange will go to four different states for their road ACC games, they will host Clemson. It’s a nice welcoming gift, but I was looking forward to Boeheim joining the football team to visit Clemson’s Denny’s locations.

Wake Forest
Home – Florida State, Maryland, NC State, Duke
Away – Boston College, Clemson, Syracuse, Miami

The Demon Deacons will host both of the in-state rivals they face in 2013, as well as Florida State, which isn’t a bad grab.  However, they will have to hit the road to face Clemson and Miami.

Home – Georgia Tech, Miami, Pittsburgh, NC State
Away – North Carolina, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest

Duke will play two of its three in-state rivals on the road in 2013, as well as Virginia Tech. That said, they do avoid both Clemson and Florida State, so this might be an easier schedule than they had last season, when they made their first bowl appearance since 1994. Of the six “repeating” games (see below), Duke and Virginia Tech play three each.

Georgia Tech
Home – North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech, Syracuse
Away – Duke, Miami, Virginia, Clemson

Both of the ACC newcomers will get the pleasure of facing Georgia Tech’s option offense in Atlanta, and Virginia Tech’s visit could be a stumbling block for the Hokies.  Last season, they won at North Carolina but lost hosting Miami, so it’ll be interesting to see how they fare with the roles reversed against the teams Georgia Tech shared a 5-3 mark with last season.

Home – Georgia Tech, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest
Away – Duke, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Florida State

The Hurricanes will have to face Florida State in enemy territory, but they will get to host Virginia Tech.  With that said, getting Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech at Coral Gables helps their cause of remaining in the top half of the Coastal Division.

North Carolina
Home – Duke, Miami, Virginia, Boston College
Away – Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech, NC State

The toughest games on North Carolina’s conference schedule would appear to all be on the road, with visits to Atlanta, Blacksburg, Raleigh, and Pittsburgh.  I wonder if Willie Parker will buy tickets to the game at Heinz Field?

Home – Miami, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida State
Away – Duke, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Syracuse

Just as Syracuse gets to host Clemson, Pittsburgh will welcome Florida State in 2013. However, they will have to visit the Orange, as well as Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech.

Home – Duke, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Clemson
Away – Miami, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Maryland

The Cavaliers will host Virginia Tech, Clemson, and Georgia Tech.  Free tip, Virginia fans: When traveling to Miami and Chapel Hill in 2013, don’t be bashful in dropping Thomas Jefferson quotes like “In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock” on fans of the two teams who were banned from postseason play last year.

Virginia Tech
Home – Duke, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Maryland
Away – Georgia Tech, MIami, Virginia, Boston College

The Hokies are probably the real winners of the 2013 schedule draw.  No Clemson. No Florida State.  They will have to face Georgia Tech and Miami on the road, but if they can handle those challenges with their daily-growing list of returnees, they could rebound nicely from a disappointing 2012.

Other thoughts

There will be six “repeat” games, where teams meet at the same site as their 2012 contest. They are Duke at Wake Forest; Duke at Virginia Tech; Miami at Duke; Georgia Tech at Clemson; Virginia Tech at Boston College; and Virginia Tech at Miami.

Cross-divisional games will feature one “primary partner” and one rotating opponent.  So, one would believe, these rotating opponents won’t meet again until 2019.  Those games are Boston College-North Carolina, Clemson-Virginia, Florida State-Pitt, Maryland-Virginia Tech (okay, that wasn’t happening anyways), NC State-Duke, Syracuse-Georgia Tech, and Wake Forest-Miami. Of course, that may all change with Louisville’s (or someone else’s) inclusion.

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