FSU Beat: ACC Championship Still Important

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher

What a week. The Florida State Seminoles are playing for a shot at their first ACC Championship in seven years, and the game itself is far from the most talked about subject of the week among the fan base. Why have the events of this week led to a seemingly apathetic and disengaged FSU fan base? There are several, very legitimate reasons why.

First and foremost, the ACC is a train wreck on the football field and Florida State’s opponent in the championship game needed a special petition from the NCAA in order to play in a bowl game this season. Georgia Tech has six wins in 2012 and can actually end up in the Orange Bowl if they win on Saturday. Needless to say, this is an embarrassment to the conference and one of the reasons ticket sales are so meager.

Secondly, Seminole fans are suffering from expectation exhaustion. 2012 is a season in which anything outside of zero to one loss season was going to be a disappointment. A loss to double digit underdog NC State and rival Florida Gators have left a bitter taste, and even in a potential 12 win season, Seminoles seem to have tread water rather than progressed.

It would seem that the mere prospect of a championship matchup in which the Noles are a heavy favorite would be incredibly exciting, but the aforementioned points are enough to take some luster off of this game. The week’s discussion has been absolutely dominated with coaching staff talk. On Tuesday, Florida State Defensive Coordinator Mark Stoops accepted the head coaching position at Kentucky.

With Stoops headed out, speculation on who else will be leaving the FSU coaching staff and who they will be replaced with has run rampant over the past few days. The excitement and uncertainty that comes from a coaching search has outweighed that of an actual championship game during the week.

The reality of the matter is, no matter how dejected the Seminole fan base is about last Saturday’s loss or how unenthusiastic they are about facing a six win team with an unorthodox offense, the ACC Championship is critical to having a respectable season and continuing to build the program. In a season where the Atlantic Coast Conference was at its worse in years, a Florida State Seminole football program claiming to be climbing its way back to elite college football cannot afford to lose.

Regardless of what happens, it’s safe to say that Jimbo Fisher has lost his benefit of the doubt with a great deal of the fan base. There is not much room for error from here on out as far as public perception and opinions go, so winning on Saturday is an absolute must.


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