NC State Beat: The Biggest Disappointment in the ACC?

Don’t look now, Pack fans, but David Amerson just got burnt for another touchdown.

In all seriousness, that would probably be true had Amerson not had to go up against NC State’s receivers in practice.

If you are a State fan, this story is all too familiar. Every time the Pack seem to have things together, seem to be on the verge of taking the next step, they fall flat on their faces. They build us up, only to crush our souls. And while many of us say that we won’t let the hype get to us, we still do. We still melt down every time the Pack lose as they did last Saturday.

Should we be surprised? History tells us no. But throughout the end of last season, and this offseason, we allowed Tom O’Brien and the media to convince us that this was TOB’s most experienced and deepest team. We never once stopped to ask ourselves if what they were saying was factual. We believed that this could be the year for NC State to finally break through. But, were we wrong to do so?

I have to believe that we had every right to be optimistic. Sure, Florida State and Clemson are very good teams, but regardless of them, State still had a shot at a nine win regular season. Mike Glennon was coming back for his senior season, with a very experienced offensive line. The defensive secondary was one of the best in the country, and had an All-American in David Amerson. Everything that was a question mark seemed to have capable guys ready to step up. State may not have played in the ACC Championship game, but they still should have been able to put together a very nice season.

Sadly, the reality of the team that takes the field, is not what we thought we would get. David Amerson has been nonexistent, and constantly seems to find himself getting burnt for touchdown passes. It happened multiple times against Tennessee to start the season, and was obviously still an issue last Saturday against Miami. Mike Glennon has been good in spurts, but has also been widely inconsistent. Glennon seemingly stares down every receiver, and defenses jump at the opportunity. The offensive line that was supposedly so deep and experienced has constantly allowed defenses to get to Glennon, and couldn’t run block to save their lives. The only time this season that the offensive line was able to keep Glennon upright, and run block, was against The Citadel. Obviously no big accomplishment there.

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The fact of the matter is that, at least so far, NC State has been the biggest disappointment in the ACC. They were not expected to set the world on fire and blow teams off the field, but they also were not supposed to be just average. The Pack were run out of the Georgia Dome by Tennessee, they snuck by UCONN, snagged a couple of wins over FCS teams, and then essentially shouldn’t have even had a chance to beat Miami at the end. NC State has been nothing more than a bitter disappointment, and have not played anywhere to close to their potential.

The fact of the matter, though, is that while NC State has not played as well as they could, or should, there is still a lot of football to be played. The ship can still be righted. And, I know, we all constantly say this to make ourselves feel better, but it is the truth. The Pack can fix this. They can still get on a roll and maybe, just maybe, upset a few along the way. It is up to them. This season can continue down the dark and desolate road that it seems to be headed down, or the Pack can come together and refuse to just be another average NC State team.

NC State may be the biggest disappointment in the ACC right now, but that’s just right now. Many times in the ACC nothing is exactly as it seems. One team may be flying high, and the next week completely fall off the map. Will NC State get on a winning streak and set the world on fire? I don’t know, no one does. What we do know, however, is that they are capable of doing it. They’ve done it before, and can certainly do it again. Time will only tell.


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