GT Beat: Oft Hope is Born, When All is Forlorn

The Yellow Jackets got clobbered Saturday. I didn’t follow it — not on TV, radio, or smartphone. I was at James Madison’s Montpelier with people I care about, and I had a great day. The weather was perfect. The house itself is pretty nice; that the Constitution was largely penned within, amazing. The grounds, too, befit the place of authorship of the contract that has shaped America for over two centuries. It was awesome.

Later in the day, one of my boys read a Greek mythology primer–chapters Zeus and Oedipus— while the other put together a Lord of the Rings Lego set. J.R.R. Tolkien wrote “oft hope is born, when all is forlorn”. Well, I suspect that my team is generally forlorn.

I said last week that MTU didn’t have much of a running game, but Benny Cunningham proved that little idea incorrect. He did so in spectacular fashion, netting 217 yards. But don’t worry, the beatings were equitably distributed, as their quarterback threw for 247. A disgruntled fan might point a finger at Defensive Coordinator Al Groh, but I won’t. I still like him and think him a fine coach. Though the defense has underperformed, there’s something else awry. I just can’t quite put my finger on it.

In sports, there’s leadership and there’s showmanship. In the absence of the former, the latter may make for unhappy teammates. Individual records should exist as afterthoughts of winning efforts. Again, it’s the guy blocking downfield and the guy plugging holes on the defensive line (& getting credited for zero tackles) that make wins happen. Statistics miss vital production. Always. To that end, I humbly and quietly recommend that VAD LEE BE GIVEN A SHOT AS STARTING QUARTERBACK. He deserves a shot at playing with his teammates when they’re fresh. He’s certainly been productive coming off the bench. What have we got to lose now?

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We have nothing to lose. Clemson is running at full steam, and have by now shrugged off the FSU loss. Sammy Watkins is back, and he’s lightning fast. His acceleration is extraordinary. He’s full-tilt in a half-second. Tajh Boyd can throw. Ellington can run. They have other receivers that Tajh will go to. The Jacket defense will be tested, sure.

But I’d really like to see some more production from the offense. We will need to control the ball and that means: get first downs, run it, run it, run it, don’t fumble the ball, don’t throw to a guy in orange, hand it off or pitch it when appropriate. I think Vad Lee understands this, and I think the team will support him as quarterback to the best of their abilities. Let’s keep hope alive!

That’s all I have for football today. Maybe I should talk something that’s a little less conducive to contentiousness and just as integral to life, like politics. There’s a debate on tonight and I am missing it. But I’ve got to tell you: My Side simply must win, or there will be big-time trouble (turn this one up)! Yeah, I haven’t been watching much TV lately. I even missed Homeland and Dexter. <hangs head in shame>


  • Peyton Manning had a good game Sunday. His style takes time to permeate an organization. Sure it was against Oakland, but he’s learning his teammates and they, him. He’s liked because he takes direct responsibility for his role in losses and doles out accolades to teammates for wins.
  • Hokie fans are probably feeling the same as Yellow Jacket fans.
  • Due to my adherence to the lesson Thumper taught me (yes, I often slip), I deleted a sentence in the fourth paragraph. Can you guess what it said?
  • Lego isn’t paying me for the mention, but I sure wish they would. I’d sell out in a heartbeat–that is, if I had any popularity and/or notoriety. Doesn’t everyone love Log?
  • You look nice today. Thanks for reading my rambling.

Have a good weekend and Go Jackets!

Geofferson P. Burdell was awarded a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from Georgia Tech in August 1999. He is an Austrian Economics devotee, a shadetree mechanic, a hiker, and an improving bridge player. He resides in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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