VT Beat: Fuller to Continue “DB U” Tradition

Kendall Fuller

It’s no secret that the Fuller family has produced some very talented athletes. And the youngest of the four brothers, Kendall, has the potential to be the best of them all. The recent commitment from the five star prospect out of Olney, MD is one of the Hokies’ top recruit commitments in recent memory.

Fuller has 3 older brothers: Vincent was a talented safety who now plays in the NFL, Corey plays receiver at VT now, and Kyle plays defensive back at VT now as well. It goes without saying that Kendall’sfamily is happy with his decision. His mother was noted to be jumping up and down with excitement after hearing of his decision.

Kendall was recruited by just about every major program you can think of (Alabama, Oklahoma, Ohio State, and Florida among them), but the choice came down to Clemson or Virginia Tech. Kendall spoke highly of Clemson throughout the process but noted that he believes Virginia Tech’s coaching staff will better prepare him for the NFL.

Virginia Tech has earned the nickname “DB U” because they consistently have outstanding defensive backs each year that go on to be NFL draft picks. In the past 15 years, there has only been one draft where a defensive back from Virginia Tech wasn’t selected. The list below includes the names of 14 defensive backs selected in the NFL draft over the last ten years from Virginia Tech:

  • Jayron Hosley (2012) New York Giants
  • Rashad Carmichael (2011) Houston Texans
  • Cam Chancellor (2010) Seattle Seahawks
  • Cody Grimm (2010) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Macho Harris (2009) Philadelphia Eagles
  • Brandon Flowers (2008) Kansas City Chiefs
  • Aaron Rouse (2007) Green Bay Packers
  • Jimmy Williams (2006) Atlanta Falcons
  • Justin Hamilton (2006) Cleveland Browns
  • Eric Green (2005) Arizona Cardinals
  • *Vincent Fuller (2005) Tennessee Titans
  • DeAngelo Hall (2004) Atlanta Falcons
  • Willie Pile (2003) Kansas City Chiefs

Kendall will be tested and challenged on a regular basis and he will become a better player because of that. The schemes and disguises of Bud Foster’s defense aren’t something that is offered from many other schools. Player development at Virginia Tech is something that the coaching staff regularly reminds recruits. VT rarely has one of the top recruiting classes but not many other schools in the country turn three and four star recruits into NFL caliber talent as regularly as this staff does.

Fuller has recognized the fact that the position he will play at Virginia Tech is one of pride and expectation. He will likely end up playing the field corner position, which is normally reserved for only those who are athletically and mentally able to handle the workload. It is a position that players and coaches refer to as “The Island” because backup help from linebackers and safeties isn’t always a guarantee. You are often times matched up against the opponent’s best receiver will little or no help, and are fully expected to win the battle each every play.

It is anticipated that Kendall Fuller will develop into the next great defensive back to come out of Virginia Tech. His combination of size and speed will make him a good match for most receivers in the country.

Kendall still has another year of high school ahead of him. It hasn’t been confirmed if Fuller will choose early enrollment at Virginia Tech next year. Regardless of when he decides to come to Blacksburg, he will be much celebrated when he arrives.


Don Deibler is a college football enthusiast and Virginia Tech alumnus who has had a passion for college sports since he was a young child. Outside of the ACC, he follows Notre Dame and South Carolina intently. He currently lives in Frederick Maryland where he works in the mortgage banking industry and is in training for Air Traffic Control. You can reach him at [email protected].


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